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by Marcus

Champion Rescue Tools provides fire and rescue personnel with the highest quality and most powerful hydraulic rescue tools in the industry to help them save lives.
Champion Rescue Tools was founded in May of 1988 with the purpose of creating the highest quality cutting and extrication tools in the market. Our founder had spent 15 years as a race car driver on the NASCAR, sprint and super modified circuits. During that time he had seen countless instances in which driver’s lives could have been saved and injuries could have been avoided with both up front safety devices built into race cars and better equipment to assist extrication in crash situations. His commitment to safety ultimately grew into what is today known as Champion Rescue Tools.
Champion’s goal is to build rescue tools that outperformed what was in the marketplace and unlike the competition; we have kept pace with the trends and high demands for tools that will standup to new vehicle construction. As auto makers continue to build stronger, lighter and safer vehicles with the use of exotic and laminated metals, Champion needed to design and build tools that could overcome these new construction obstacles. With a patented blade design, industries largest blade opening and the most powerful cutting tool available, we now supply the solution to every first responder’s problems. Getting the patient out in the fastest possible time without thinking about a work around solution.
Our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA from the highest quality aircraft metal available, this is why we can offer one of the best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry.

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