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Certified maximum protection even after 20 washes

by Marcus
Certified maximum protection even after 20 washes

The Austrian family business ESKA is already raising the bar again for the market. All textile firefighting gloves of the new generation retain the maximum mechanical and thermal values even after 20 washes at 60°C.

If gloves are labelled as washable according to EN 659:2003 + A1:2008, it is obligatory to carry out heat tests and mechanical risk tests after pre-treatment with washes. The number of washing cycles tested shall be mandatory. Without a test after washes, the glove shall be labelled as non-washable and the manufacturer cannot accept any liability or guarantee of the performance levels after washes in case of injuries. ESKA manages to maintain the maximum mechanical and thermal values for all new generation textile firefighting gloves after 20 washes at 60°C. “These are new international standards for the durability and quality of firefighting gloves,” emphasises ESKA Managing Director Paul Loos.

Maximum protection with the JUPITER 5F

Maximum possible cut protection: Performance level 5F on the palm, performance level 4 on the backhand! The new GORE-TEX textile firefighter glove JUPITER 5F from ESKA still has these top values after 20 washes at 60°C. The fit and freedom of movement are just as impressive. The fit and freedom of movement are equally impressive. Revolutionary is the newly developed cut protection lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP, which gives the JUPITER 5F high-performance protection against cuts and sharp edges. “It took two years to develop this cut protection lining and it has paid off. Add to that the cut-resistant pulse guard, maximised knuckle protection and finger cap reinforcement to optimise the already strong heat performance. I don’t think you can get more protection than that,” he says.


Highest safety standards

The excellent fit and feel of the JUPITER 5F, which is waterproof even after 20 washes, are also absolutely convincing. “The reinforced belt end protects against unthreading and serves as a grip piece, the fireproof and width-adjustable 1-belt system allows the glove to be perfectly fixed. The numerous practical tests have shown that with the JUPITER 5F we have probably made a big hit in protecting the emergency services,” Loos emphasises. The glove is available in red or black and the new ESKA reflective logo gives it an eye-catching visual upgrade.

For more information visit ESKA Gloves.

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