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Cafoam CLASS A Foam Concentrate

by Greg Preston
Cafoam CLASS A Foam Concentrate

Cafoam CLASS A Foam Concentrate supplied by AUXQUIMIA

Cafoam CLASS A Foam Concentrate is a foam concentrate to fight class A fires, specially designed to be used in combination with Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). Added to water in low concentrations reduces the surface and interfacial tensions and increases its penetrating and spreading ability.

Cafoam reduces water consumption, achieves faster extinction and makes reignition more difficult. Foam produced in CAFS using this concentrate at 0.3% in water combines some very interesting features like good adherence, slow draining, long lasting, excellent wetting ability, etc., being odourless and easily biodegradable.

In addition to its use in CAFS it can be applied with standard low, medium and high expansion foam equipment and spray nozzles. Although the main use for the CAFOAM is for Class A fires, it can be used to control small hydrocarbon fires (Class B) at 0.5% with gentle application. Cafoam´s nominal proportioning rate is 0.5% in fresh or sea water (0.3% in CAFS.) This rate can be varied between 0.1 and 1.0%, depending on the type of foam desired. It can be used with fresh or sea water.


Cafoam CLASS A Foam Concentrate supplied by AUXQUIMIA

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