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by Marcus

BW Technologies by Honeywell designs, manufactures and markets a full line of gas-detection equipment. Poisonous gases are a daily risk for people who work in many industries, including mining, fire rescue work and the oil and gas industry. BW makes portable, hand-held instruments, as well as detectors that can be stationed or affixed in buildings. All of BW’s products protect both personnel and the facilities where they work. Think of BW’s gas-detection instruments as high-tech, modern-day canaries in a coalmine.
BW’s headquarters are located at a new 33,000 square-foot facility in Calgary, Alberta. The local staff relocated to this building in July 2001, where both the administrative and production team work. All of BW’s products are designed and manufactured in house.
BW Technologies is a Calgary-based company, but it also has sales and customer service offices reaching around the world, including those in Texas, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.
BW’s History
BW Technologies was founded in 1987 by Cody Slater, when he invented what would become the company’s very first product—the Rig Rat. At the time, Slater was working towards an astrophysics degree at the University of Alberta. But the innovative Rig Rat—the world’s first wireless, solar-powered gas detector—was enough to change Slater’s career plans. He left university to pursue the creation of a new business, and BW Technologies was born.
Today, BW Technologies by Honeywell, employs more than 350 people around the world. BW is a leader in the gas-detection industry with nearly 30 technologically advanced products.
Slater was recently recognized by Report On Business in the magazine’s annual “Top 40 Under 40” feature—a list of the country’s best and brightest innovators under the age of 40. There, he’s quoted as saying: “Do what you enjoy because everything comes from that. If you have a passion for what you do, then everything else will pretty much fall into place.” Advice to follow from a man who started with his own invention and has since built an international, multi-million dollar company.

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