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by Marcus

Bostrom FireFighter (H.O. Bostrom) provides seating solutions for vehicles and equipment in industries such as fire (FireFighter™ brand), marine (SeaPost™ brand), construction, transportation, military and other specialty markets. Offering complete design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly of seating systems and components in the USA, H.O. Bostrom provide their customers with the advantage of single sourcing all of their seating requirements. The company currently sells to 65 countries spanning five continents, and maintains ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Bostrom FireFighter (H.O. Bostrom) offers a growing line of after-market replacement and conversion parts to extend the life of or repurpose your Bostrom FireFighter seat or seat accessory.  Whether the need is for a single component or a sub-assembly such as a replacement seat cushion, they can usually ship it in a matter of days.
Bostrom FireFighter’s (H.O. Bostrom) expanding service-part program currently includes the following items:

  • Seat cushion, seat back, armrest, StoreAll™, and headrest covers and assemblies.
  • Replacement parts for SecureAll™ SCBA Locking System components including pivot arms, cables, clamps, and handles.
  • Kits for conversion of SecureAll™ SCBA Locking Systems from mechanical to electrical activation, single/twin to twin/single, or North American/Export to Export/North American bottle supports.
  • Replacement parts or assemblies for mechanical fore/aft and height adjustments for seats.
  • Replacement parts or assemblies for Torsion mechanical, and air suspension systems for seats.
  • Replacement parts or assemblies for pedestals, bases or floor slides for marine seats.

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