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Blowhard BH-20 Compact

by Marcus
Blowhard BH-20 Compact

Blowhard BH-20 Compact supplied by Vimpex

The Blowhard BH-20 Compact is a compact, portable PPV fan that can be deployed quickly due to its dual power source – built in Li-ion rechargeable battery or external mains power. It can be used effectively when no mains power is available and is much quicker to setup than conventional fans, allowing firefighters to enter a building more rapidly.

The ingenious design allows the product to be folded away, taking up half the space of traditional fans. With variable-speed motor control, the BH-20 can double as a PPV and ventilation fan, saving valuable storage space and reducing costs.

The BH-20 outperforms PPV fans rated at higher CFM. The ability to drive ventilation by building pressure in the structure results in air movement equivalent to most 15,000 CFM rated fans in real world conditions.


  • Starts instantly on battery power – no wasted time searching for mains outlet
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery provides between 20-80 minutes of operation
  • Sets up between 2-6 minutes faster than comparable fans
  • Ultra-portable, designed to be carried by one person while running
  • Quick and easy positioning in hard-to-reach places – works from 2 to 6 m from a door

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Blowhard BH-20 Compact supplied by Vimpex

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