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Blackline Safety G7 Gains ATEX Certification

by Greg Preston
Award-winning Blackline Safety G7 Gains ATEX Certification

Shawcity is delighted to announce that Blackline Safety G7 Gains ATEX Certification, the world’s first wireless gas detector with built-in 3G communication. G7c has achieved Zone 0 ATEX certification and, with two-way 3G connectivity, a built-in speakerphone and GPS location monitoring, it delivers peace of mind for any size of business.

Blackline’s 24/7 live monitoring teams automatically connect with an employee should they call for help, if a fall is detected or a gas alert triggered, delivering an optimised emergency response to their exact location. Click here to see the G7 in action.

“Gone are the days where gas monitors notify only the wearer that dangerous gas levels are present in the area — potentially leaving the worker alone with no way to reach help,” says Gavin Boorman, Managing Director for Blackline Safety Europe.

“With G7c, gas readings are communicated to the Blackline Safety Network in seconds, where a live monitoring team manages a real-time emergency response when required.”

G7c transmits every gas alert to live monitoring personnel in real-time, to manage the most efficient emergency response possible. With two-way 3G connectivity and a built-in speakerphone, G7c delivers around-the-clock monitoring for contractors, small and medium-sized businesses through to multi-national organisations.

Blackline’s 24/7 live monitoring teams automatically connect with an employee should they call for help using the SOS latch, if a fall is detected or a gas alert is triggered, delivering an optimised emergency response to their exact location. Wireless connectivity dramatically increases situational awareness, accounting for everyone’s whereabouts and enabling monitoring personnel to initiate a complete evacuation to muster points if an environment becomes unsafe or to direct emergency responders to an injured worker.

“Traditional personal gas detector programs have struggled to ensure ongoing compliance and to keep employees safe,” says Kirk Johnson, Product Manager of Blackline Safety.

“G7c sets the bar for the gas detection industry where businesses can see the compliance status of all equipment — in real-time. Every calibration, bump test and all equipment used is summarised in an intuitive, online dashboard and through weekly reporting.”

Catering to a wide variety of hazardous work environments, G7c features an exclusive modular design with a selection of customizable, field-replaceable cartridges. Single-gas and quad-gas cartridges tailor environmental gas monitoring for each client, offering a choice of gas sensors including flammable gases, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon monoxide, with more sensors in development.

Blackline’s gas sensor-as-a-service replacement program helps clients maximise product uptime, ensuring seamless gas detection and safety monitoring while minimising maintenance costs.

The G7 has also just been awarded a prestigious international Red Dot Award for Product Design. One of the world’s most prestigious design competitions, manufacturers and designers entered 5,500 submissions from 54 countries in 2017.

The awards are assessed by an international committee of 39 leaders in product design and engineering and are judged on innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability and overall quality of design.

Barry Moore, VP Product Development at Blackline Safety commented: “G7 makes employees safer by combining three devices into one — a gas detector, a lone worker safety device and a communication tool. This award recognises the achievements of our design team who have defined a new level of personal safety for our clients.”

The revolutionary G7c is available to order directly from Shawcity today. For further information, click here.

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