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BIOFILM C6 AFFF supplied by BIOex

BIOFILM firefighting foam is a fluorosynthetic AFFF foam concentrate. BIOFILM is formulated with the last generation of C6 fluorosurfactant to extinguish hydrocarbon fires. It gives high performance on class B fires such as oil storage tank, refinery, manufacturing plant, aircraft, ship…


BIOFILM is a fluorosynthetic AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrate.

The AFFF film-forming property gives to BIOFILM a high speed of extinguishment on hydrocarbon fires. BIOFILM produces an aqueous film forming above the fuel spreading quickly over the fuel,which forms a foam blanket sealing the fuel surface, blocks the oxygen supply and prevents the release of fuel vapor. This provides an immediate control over fire.

BIOFILM has an excellent extinguishing speed on hydrocarbon fires using direct application. The foam is applied directly on the surface of the burning hydrocarbon using a fire monitor or hose in the solid jet position making it possible to fight the fire from a distance. BIOFILM has a long burnback resistance on hydrocarbon fires.

BIOFILM class B foam is effective on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.

Concentrations of 1% and 3% significantly reduce storage volumes and the directly related costs, while increasing the autonomy of use of the fire-fighting foam concentrate.


The raw materials, including C6 fluorosurfactants, selected by BIOex in the design and development of the product have a minimum impact on the environment.


  • International standard approvals: EN1568-1-2-3 v2018, LASTFIRE, GESIP, ICAO, VERITAS
  • Concentration: 1%, 3% and 6%
  • Usable at Low and Medium Expansion
  • Compatible with all fixed and mobile foam proportioning devices and foam generators (bladder tanks, Sprinklers, firehose stations, etc.)
  • Can be used with fresh or sea water
  • Can be freeze-protected up to -15°C
  • Supplied in 20l can, 200l drum, 1000l tote or bulk

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BIOFILM C6 AFFF supplied by BIOex

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