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BIOEX ECOPOL on Aircraft Fires

by Greg Preston

BIOEX ECOPOL on Aircraft Fires at C2FPA training center. BIOEX, the first manufacturer of fluorine free foam concentrate. ECOPOL A is a synthetic fluorine-free foam FFF (F3), which combines high performance in extinction and burnback resistance and the environment preservation. ECOPOL A is dedicated for aircraft fires, efficient on Class B fires (hydrocarbon fires).

Video of the BIOEX ECOPOL A firefighting foam concentrate tests carried out at C2FPA training center (France):

  • A320 engine, landing gear and fuselage fires
  • Helicopter fire
  • B747 aircraft fuselage fire
  • B747 spill fire

ECOPOL is the first fluorine free fire fighting foam concentrate in the world!
This ecological foam concentrate formulated using a 100% natural surfactant base can be used to put out all types of class A and B fires. Designed in 2002 thanks to major research and development work, its multi-application versatility does not prevent the high effectiveness of its extinguishing capability.

ECOPOL, a versatile, synthetic AR foam concentrate completely fluorine derivative free, effectively replaces the use of AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrates which are harmful to the environment by combining THE RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT WITH HIGH PERFORMANCES ON ALL TYPES OF CLASS A AND B FIRES.

ECOPOL has diverse extinguishing properties which make it a reference on the market because of its Alcohol Resistant specificity and its foaming and wetting properties.

For more information visit www.bio-ex.com/

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