Home Product News BIOEX develops a AFFF-AR Foam Concentrate 1×1% low viscosity

BIOEX develops a AFFF-AR Foam Concentrate 1×1% low viscosity

by Marcus
BIOEX develops a AFFF-AR Foam Concentrate 1x1% low viscosity

BIOEX develops a AFFF-AR Foam Concentrate 1×1% low viscosity


FILMOPOL 1N is an AR-AFFF foam concentrate, designed to quickly extinguish fire and prevent reignition for a long period of time. On hydrocarbon fire, it forms a thin aqueous film forming which spreads rapidly above fuel surface avoiding oxygen supply. On polar solvent fire, selected compounds avoid foam destruction by fuels. The water content of the foam produces a cooling effect.

Its high fire suppression and burnback resistance performance are EN1568 certified within the latest 2018 version which introduces new hardest criteria (stability of the product in time, eco-toxicology, water used, freezing point…)

FILMOPOL 1N is a versatile firefighting foam efficient on class B hydrocarbon fuels (crude oil, gasoline, kerosene…), polar solvents (alcohol, ketone, ethers…) and class A fires. It reduces the need to stock different foam types.

FILMOPOL 1N is easily biodegradable and formulated with latest short-chain C6 fluorosurfactants and contains no PFOS or PFOA.


BIOEX AFFF-AR foam is now available in the highly concentrated 1% form. FILMOPOL 1N is intended for use at 1% on hydrocarbon fire and 1% on polar solvent fire.

The lower the percentage concentration, the less foam concentrate is required to make finished foam. The use of 1% foam concentrate instead of 3% foam concentrate can result in a halving of the amount of storage space required, with similar reductions in weight and transportation costs. While it increases firefighter autonomy who use 3x less foam concentrate to produce the same quantity of foam solution.

It is also very important to have compatibility of foam-making equipment and induction equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly and giving an accurate rate of induction.#


Foam concentrate viscosity vary with foam concentrate type, concentration and temperature.

FILMOPOL 1N formulation is naturally Newtonian liquid. It improves the flow characteristics through pick up tubes, pipe and induction equipment. FILMOPOL 1N is easily proportioned with all dosing system.

This Newtonian foam concentrate is freeze-protected and can be used in low temperatures.

FILMOPOL 1N is formulated for use at low expansion in either, fresh, sea and brackish water.

FILMOPOL 1N is used by fire departments, petrochemical industries, waste treatment plants against fires in process areas, loading racks, power stations, marine terminals.

For more information on BIOEX develops a AFFF-AR Foam Concentrate 1×1% low viscosity visit www.bio-ex.com/en/

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