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Big 5 Egypt Security, Fire, and Smart Buildings Summit

by Marcus
Big 5 Egypt Security, Fire, and Smart Buildings Summit

Egypt is making significant strides in the area of smart buildings, with a growing number of high-tech structures being built across the country. In particular, the issue of security and fire safety has been a major focus for the public and private sectors in the development of these buildings.

Big 5 Egypt Security, Fire, and Smart Buildings Summit brings together those who matter to discuss the latest technologies and strategies for enhancing security and safety in smart buildings. 65+ speakers will discuss topics such as advanced surveillance systems, access control, fire detection, and suppression systems. The event is a testament to Egypt’s commitment to building smarter, safer buildings that meet the needs of the modern world.

Part of The Big 5 Construct Egypt, the Summit is a platform to showcase security, safety, fire protection, intelligent buildings, access control systems, and more to professional buyers requiring innovations for future projects.

Integrated security, fire, rescue, safety, and smart buildings are all critical aspects of modern construction and building management. The Big 5 Egypt Security, Fire, and Smart Buildings Summit will bring together industry experts and practitioners to discuss the latest trends and innovations in these areas and will explore how emerging technologies can be used to create effective and efficient solutions.

The Summit Features 3 Programmes Which Cover a Wide Range of Topics

25 June – Integrated Security

Integrating multi-layer security measures to protect against threats.
This programme focuses on the latest best practice and strategies for integrating different security systems and technologies to enhance overall protection. Topics include physical security, threat prevention, data privacy, risk management, emergency management, and business continuity.

26 June – Fire, Safety and Rescue

Prevention, Preparation, and Response: Ensuring Fire Safety and Effective Rescue Operations.
This programme will explore how new technologies, techniques, and approaches can increase fire safety in construction projects. Topics will cover building design and construction, fire prevention and suppression, emergency response, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.

27 June – Smart Buildings and Automation

Intelligent buildings to deliver smart living and working.
This programme explores the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the emerging field of smart buildings. Topics will explore building design and construction, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, building automation and controls, occupant health and wellness, and threat prevention.

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