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Battery E-Fan 18″

by Greg Preston
Electric Fan on Battery E-Fan

Battery E-Fan 18″ supplied by LEADER

The Electric Fan on Battery E-Fan 18” – 35,050 M³/H is the most powerful portable battery-powered fan on the market with a flow rate of 35,050 m³/h.

70 minutes with a single battery! E-FAN 18” electric fan on battery with 70-minute autonomy decreases the number of recharges between operations.

Interchangeable batteries allow greater flexibility. Indeed, a new charged battery can be set-up in seconds for another operation.

E-FAN 18 lithium battery provides the energy required for 70 minutes of operation for a charging time of only 4 hours. With DBMS (Dynamic Battery Management System), the battery is protected during charge/discharge cycles. Low maintenance, there is no need for complete charging and discharging cycles to preserve the battery.


Equipped with a Lithium battery, E-FAN allows operations in complete autonomy with a battery life of 70 minutes, the longest battery life on the market.


E-FAN is the most powerful portable fan on the market.
It generates a flow rate of 35,050 m³/h.


E-FAN can be used for several hours thanks to its interchangeable and removable battery. The discharged battery can be replaced in seconds by another charged battery.


Battery E-Fan 18″ supplied by LEADER

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