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BAI Tunnel Rescue Vehicle

by Greg Preston
BAI Tunnel Rescue Vehicle

BAI Company develops, potentiates and consolidates the last BAI “Janus” Tunnel Rescue Vehicle expertise for firefighting interventions in tunnels. The NEW BAI Tunnel Rescue Vehicle model “VSAT 13000S” includes top quality fire fighting technology and is specially designed for firefighting operations in high temperatures, isolated and low visibility tunnel environments. The NEW BAI Tunnel Rescue Vehicle enables a quick and massive fire attack in tunnels and reduced space environments.

The project for the construction of the BAI Tunnel Rescue Vehicle “Janus”, comes as a result of the serious incident occurred in 1999 in the Mont Blanc Tunnel. After this event, the Italian-French company EEIG-TMB (European Economic Group for the Interest of the Mont Blanc Tunnel) established a committee for carrying out a Plan to ensure 24 hours of prevention, safety and immediate action services for people and traffic in the tunnel. The action plan provided, among other things, the presence of three emergency locations permanently manned by Fire professionals.

BAI responds to the project with a very innovative solution, that is with the “Janus” vehicle. Like “Janus”, the ancient god with two faces, the vehicle engineered by BAI to firefight in the tunnel has two faces: this means two twin cabins with two-way ride able to manoeuvre in tight spaces, reverse gear without manoeuvre and move laterally.

From the technical point of view, the tunnel rescue vehicle is build on a MAN Chassis and presents unique rescue capacities of its kind. The vehicle is equipped with two twin cabins as well as with four-wheel steering; a 4000 litres water tanker and 500 litres of foam. Provided also with infrared cameras which allow easy driving in case of darkness and smoke, with breathing apparatus and self-protection systems both for the cabins and wheels. Both cabins are pressurized.

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