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BAI Rail Road Rescue Vehicle

by Greg Preston
BAI Rail Road Rescue Vehicle

The BAI Rail Road Rescue Vehicle “VAB” allows the use both on rail and road. The vehicle to move by rail has two axles with wheels and rails with suitable gauge. The traction force for the movement by rail is supplied by the vehicle’s axle motor by means of friction drums of adequate diameter placed next to the driving wheels. The lowering and lifting of the rail routes is made through hydraulic cylinders where is located an emergency device for the lifting of the rail routes in case of breakdowns.

The BAI Rail Road Rescue Vehicle rail traction solution envisages a change of speed, mechanic with electronic control and automated clutch device. Is also provided a speed limiter for driving wheels.

The retarder incorporates the specific braking system. The vehicle is capable of two-way running with similar performance in both directions. It is guaranteed a maximum train speed of 40 Km/h.

The placement of the vehicle on the track is fast and made easy thanks to the adoption of lighting devices suitably directed to railways and to the underlying area, in order to ease the view of the support team during the manoeuvre operations.

There are red and white lighting devices for the rail movement both on the front and on the rear side. Moreover, there is a sound indicator of appropriate intensity as for the reverse movements. The rail braking system, which is independent from the road one, provides pneumatic front and rear brakes. The drive is effected by a lever mounted in the cabin next to the gear selector of the vehicle, in a readily accessible position both for driver and co-driver(s). The rail braking system can be turned off, even during rail driving, when you need to use the vehicle’s brakes.

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