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by Marcus
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With the professional AWG fire fighting fittings and fire fighting equipment, you can be sure you are very well equipped to cope with the challenges presented to you because our equipment is a combination of innovative technology and first class AWG quality – easy to use and sturdily reliable at a constant high standard. Over 100 years of experience pay off – especially when the heat is on.

Synonymous with premium quality fire fighting fittings the world over

Founded more than 100 years ago, the AWG fire fighting fittings company of today has grown into Europe’s leading manufacturer of professional fire fighting fittings and fire fighting equipment. A family-owned enterprise with around 250 employees at two sites in Germany, develops, manufactures and markets products to fire fighters and trade and industry alike. Through its comprehensive network of subsidiaries it provides trading partners and foreign markets in every corner of the globe with a variety of premium products.

AWG fire fighting fittings also provides end-to-end solutions for mobile and stationary fire prevention systems, with a broad range of products for an even broader array of applications. Breadth aside, it is the depth of the AWG range that enables our products to adhere to the highly demanding nature of international standards. S imply put: the range caters for them all – almost without exception.

This ability to match differing standards has helped AWG establish a unique reputation among fire fighting forces the world over – as a leading name in fittings. Ideally suited to the stringent demands of modern fire fighting technology, AWG fittings are simple to use, straightforward to handle, sturdy and reliable. They also deliver unparalleled quality, time after time.

With decades of experience to its name and its own, in-house engineering department, AWG works continually to develop and update products, matching state-of-the-art technologies with the needs and demands of the market. With every product you buy, you automatically tap into this unparalleled know-how, underpinned by professional consultants.

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