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Awardwinner MSA A2 Software alphaCONTROL 2

by Marcus
Awardwinner MSA A2 Software alphaCONTROL 2

MSA is proud to announce that the MSA A2 Software ‘alphaCONTROL 2’has been awarded with Innovation award IT–BEST OF 2017.

alphaCONTROL 2 is  a  natural progression  from the conventional  tally  board.  It  delivers all the information that a tally  board supplies as well as monitoring the air consumption of individual users in combination with gas measurements.

alphaCONTROL 2 attaches great importance on the presentation of situation relevant information. The interactive concept allows the user to have the best possible understanding of a particular situation. Furthermore, the operation documentation is more reliable and efficient. An operational report can be easily created in seconds, directly in  the Windows operated system.

alphaCONTROL 2 software is part of the alpha Personal Network. This respiratory protection monitoring system consists of modular and wireless components which can be individually integrated to enhance fire service operation and safety and capability as needed.

For further information about the new alphaCONTROL 2 software or the modular alpha Personal Network please contact your local MSA affiliate or visit MSAsafety.com.

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