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Head Office: Polígono Ind. Baiña, Parcela 23, 33682 Mieres (Asturias), Spain

AUXQUIMIA is a Spanish company whose main activity is the design, manufacture and commercialization of firefighting foam concentrates.

AUXQUIMIA is, throughout its experience over 30 years in the market and its strong commitment with the innovation and research of new solutions, the leader in the production and commercialization in the domestic market of foam concentrates. The premium quality of its products, along with a large capacity of production, allow it to be a regular supplier to major companies in many industries such as petrochemical, chemical, maritime, aeronautical, energy, automotive, mining…

During the ongoing process of changes in standards coming from environmental concerns, AUXQUIMIA has been able to adapt its products to new regulations with top performance products, which is critical for industries like Oil&Gas and Petrochemical which require difficult tests as LASTFIRE batch testing in which only premium products are able to get maximum qualifications, especially when testing with sea water becomes necessary.

Furthermore AUXQUIMIA has started years ago to develop all their formulations with “C6 fluorocompounds” fulfilling the 2010/2015 EPA PFOA Stewardship Program, in the aim of achieving top-performing products with them minimum environmental impact as well as their premium range in Newtonian low viscosity AFFF-AR products with low proportioning rates like their 1×1%, 0.5×1% or even 0.5×0.5%

Moreover, besides the foam concentrates, AUXQUIMIA offers its customers other products and services related with security and firefighting sector such as electronic foam proportioning systems DOSIFOR™ or the Compressed Air System UltraCAF.

AUXQUIMIA offers also services of technical advice, external analysis of foam concentrates or control of foam quality in firefighting systems.


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