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by Marcus

Your best friend for fast crib action

Sometimes in rescue you can face situations in which time is not in your favor and a rapid intervention is necessary. Rapid intervention means working with easy to use and lightweight products. So far, stabilizing vehicles quickly has never been easier.

Lightweight, portable, automatic extension and a maximum load capacity of 1.3 ton are the main characteristics of the Auto Crib-it. Place it in position and the system automatically stabilizes the vehicle and follows the load cm by cm.

How does the Auto Crib-It work?

Real easy operation; just position the unit, unlock by pushing the safety button and pull the handle. Due to the gas-spring actuated system, the Auto Crib-it automatically rises, locks into place under the bottom chassis and secures each cm. Even when you use lifting bags, the Auto Crib-it will follow the load.

Easy transport, storage and handling due to the compact and lightweight design. The Auto Crib-It is equipped with a strong handle for easy positioning. Both models are made out of high strength aluminum for easy maintenance and decontamination.

With a maximum load capacity of 1.3 ton, both models give enough capacity for easy cribbing of cars, vans and even small trucks. No need to use wood or other material to create extra height during operation because of the great maximum height of 42 cm.

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