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Attack 500C Constant Flow Nozzle

by Marcus
Attack 500C Constant Flow Nozzle

Attack 500 Pro supplied by Delta Fire

The Delta Attack 500C Constant Flow nozzle is designed to provide constant fixed flow rates and represent state-of-the-art nozzle design.

The Attack 500C Constant Flow nozzle will produce a powerful, long range main jet with a coherent stream pattern along with high performance water spray patterns.

Weighing in at just 1.8 kg the Attack 500C is 30% lighter than most comparable fire nozzles and is the most compact design in its class whilst retaining excellent durability thanks to its quality of construction.

As with all Delta Attack fire nozzles the 500C Constant Flow boasts practically indestructible computer designed stainless steel spinning turbine teeth which produce an extremely dense fog pattern providing superb fire fighting capabilities and high levels of protection for the firefighter.

Manufactured in the UK on cutting edge CNC machinery the Delta Attack range of World Class fire nozzles are covered by an ISO 9001 Quality Control System and a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The Attack 500C Constant flow Fire nozzle has a constant fixed flow range at 6 bar of 125 or 250 or 375 or 500 litres per minute to meet the individual needs of the fire fighter at any given time but alternative flow rates are available.

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Attack 500 Pro supplied by Delta Fire

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