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Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle

by Marcus

Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle from Delta Fire

The Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle is born from the original Attack nozzles that have earned a reputation for quality and performance over more than 20 years.

Many of the original attributes remain unchanged and new devotees to the Pro-Series nozzles can expect the same high level of expectation from the new range. Improvements and modifications have only been made where a genuine benefit has been assessed to ensure they remain at the forefront of modern day front-line firefighting.

The Attack 500 Pro is the big brother to the Attack 100 Pro and designed for low pressure mainline use providing a range of higher flow rates where more water is required to deal with multiple firefighting scenarios.

With a long range, penetrating jet and dense wide-angle fog pattern the Attack 500 Pro is perfect for use as a multi-purpose nozzle including exceptional high-rise firefighting capabilities with its ability to retain performance even at lower pressures.

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