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Athena Specialist Gloves

by Marcus
Athena Specialist Gloves

Athena Specialist Gloves supplied by Vimpex

Athena FX1 MAX Firefighter Gloves

Athena gloves have been crafted specifically for tough structural firefighting and rescue applications. The gloves have many unique features designed to protect the wearer from harsh environments time and time again.

Athena EX1 Rescue Glove

The winning rescue glove solution for the South-East Consortium.

A quality, lightweight and dexterous glove, with level 5 safe cut protection, the Athena EX1 Rescue Glove is made using tough Anti static Nomex, Aramid and Para-Aramid fabrics, these materials make it long lasting even under the pressures of urban search an rescue and vehicle extrication.

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Athena Specialist Gloves supplied by Vimpex

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