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ATEX Compact Safety LED Torch

by Marcus
ATEX Compact Safety LED Torch

ATEX Compact Safety LED Torch supplied by Wolf Safety

The new TR-65 (Zones 0, 1, 2, 21 & 22) and TR-60 (1, 2, 21 & 22) are compact, lightweight, right angle ATEX torches for use in the most demanding hazardous area workplaces.

With a market leading 300 lumens emitted from the torch, the new TR-65 has 3 power modes, is lightweight, compact and robust. Reliable, durable and easy to use and carry, it is ideal for use in the most demanding work places.

Its 3 power modes offer maximum choice and flexibility. The highest power setting gives a class leading light output of 300 lumens. Medium power supplies a very useable light output for nearby illumination with an increased duration of up to 14 hours. On the lowest power setting, the torch provides a useful light to be seen by which will last for up to a staggering 159 hours.

The beam pattern is specifically designed for the optimum combination of spot and fringe light; perfect for viewing into the distance whilst providing enough nearby light to ensure safety from obstacles close at hand.

When the battery level falls to 15% of its maximum level, the battery charge indicator will flash (battery charge indicator only on TR-65 model), and the beam will be interrupted momentarily once every 5 seconds (both TR-60 and TR-65 models), clearly alerting the user and ensuring they need never be left in the dark.

Strong and robust, both models are made from impact and chemical resistant thermoplastic – the same tried and tested super tough material used on Wolf hazardous area torches for nearly 2 decades. The lens is made from toughened glass.

Ergonomically designed for comfort in use, it’s large switch is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. Two integral lanyard fixings allow the torch to be securely attached to a tunic, tool belt or bag.

A flatter back increases stability and a highly robust polymer clip keeps the torch firmly fixed in place, though it can be detached quickly if required and will ‘give’ if the user gets snagged on an obstacle.

Spare parts are readily available to enable users to replace the LED module, lens, clip, end cap, cassette or circuit if required.

The TR-60 is an economical and very viable alternative to the TR-65. Certified for use in Zone 1, it emits 200 lumens from a single setting, has a 12 hour battery duration and is fitted with a polycarbonate lens. It shares the same robust materials and construction as the TR-65.


  • Light output/duration/power:
  • 300 lumens emitted (TR-65)/200 lumens (TR-60)
  • Duration at different power levels: 7/14/159 hours (TR-65)/Up to 12 hours (TR-60)
  • 4 x AA alkaline primary cells
  • 3 power modes for different light output (TR-65); single mode (TR-60)
  • Balanced spot and fringe optics
  • Certification: ATEX/IECEx Zone 0 (TR-65)/Zone 1 (TR-60)
  • T4 temperature class
  • IP66 and IP67 water and dust tight
  • Battery level indicator (TR-65)
  • Beam dip for last 15% of battery life (TR-65 and TR-60)
  • Robust, reliable and proven materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large switch (easy to use even when wearing gloves)
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Robust polymer clip
  • Two lanyard fixings – one at each end of the torch
  • Easy maintenance, spare parts available
  • Flat torch back increases stability

ATEX Compact Safety LED Torch supplied by Wolf Safety

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