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Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc

by Marcus

ASOE is not only a hose manufacturer, but also an efficient flow transfer solution suppliler. ASOE keep working with distributors and end-users worldwide and developing efficient flow transfer solutions.
Mainly manufacturing through-the-weave Nitrile Rubber (NBR) covered hoses and Polyurethane (PU, also called as Thermoplastic Urethane, TPU) covered hoses. Besides NBR covered hoses and PU covered hoses, Asoe also supply EPDM, NBR, or PU lined hoses which meet or exceed the technical standard requirement of NFPA 1961, UL19, FM EN14540, EN14811, DIN and BS6391 etc..
Incorporated by top hoses engineers and sales service guy in China in 2013, whose total hose manufacturing and sales experience of management team is more than 50 years. The background of the shareholders in hose industries results in excellent services and top quality hoses.
With rich knowledge on products and application, offering hose solution package to its distributors for the specific fields.
On one hand, Asoe will keeping introducing new hoses into different fields, such as mill discharge hoses, municipal fire hoses, rack hoses, etc. On the other hand, Asoe works with you to develop a customized hose solution tailored to your customers’ specific needs.
Through trade alliances with its distributors, possessing significant relationships with its distributors over the world ensuring its customers will receive maximum incentives.

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