Artem Gun

by Marcus
Artem Gun

Artem Gun Supplied by Concept Smoke Systems

Artem Gun (Gas Powered)

The Concept Artem gun is a unique, off-power smoke generator ideal for creating large volumes of smoke for the greatest realism in training exercises.

The machine is ideal for any external application of smoke where complete portability is required. Using a conventional Butane/Propane mix gas cartridge (available worldwide) and a Concept
smoke canister, the Artem is incredibly straightforward to use.

Simply screw in the canisters, pre-heat the stainless steel coil for a few seconds and turn on the smoke – it’s that easy! With an output that puts pyrotechnic smoke
bombs to shame, complete controllability and low running costs, the Artem smoke machine is a great solution for
creating external smoke!

  • Completely portable – no electricity required
  • Very high, controllable smoke output
  • Convenient Piezo ignition
  • Non-toxic smoke
  • Aluminium carry case
  • Aluminium barrel guard
  • Adds realism to Fire Training, Public Order training, mounted police training, military training

Concept Smoke Systems

Artem Gun supplied by Concept Smoke Systems

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