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by Marcus

Argus Thermal Imaging cameras offer unrivalled features, designed by the best engineers, to support fire fighters and law enforcement officers in the field.
Our cameras offer the following and much more:
Unparalleled Image Quality
* High resolution 320 x 240 detectors and high definition LCD screen, plus a great deal of engineering know-how provides you with very sharp, very clear images.
* The cameras Tri-Mode Sensitivity allows temperature variation to be detected in fire scenes as high as 1000oC / 1850oF. Advanced image processing allows a causality located in very high temperatures to be seen by the cameras handler.
Simple to operate with easy to understand on screen data, Includes
* Spot and ambient temperature measurements
* Customisable start-up screen
* Battery level indicator
Reasoned body design
* Extremely light less than 3lbs
* Rugged and durable casing
* The camera body is designed to aid firefighter handling, its unusual body shape allows fire fighters to hold the cameras in many different ways while wearing thick gloves
Effortless Image and video capture capabilities
* SceneSave

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