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AQUAFILM AF-1 ICAO B Foam Concentrate

by Greg Preston
AQUAFILM AF-1 ICAO B Foam Concentrate

AQUAFILM AF-1 ICAO B Foam Concentrate supplied by AUXQUIMIA

AQUAFILM AF-1 ICAO B Foam Concentrate is specifically designed to fight effectively all type of Class B fires (Hydrocarbon) being also very adequate to fight Class A fires. Its extraordinary AFFF properties give this product an effective and rapid knockdown of the fire when fighting non miscible flammable liquids. This product is specially designed to fulfill and exceed aviation requirements.

AQUAFILM AF-1 ICAO B Foam Concentrate uses very specific fluorinated and hydrocarbon surfactants in order to allow a good formation of an aqueous film on the surface of most hydrocarbon fuels, suppressing vapour leaks and preventing its contact with the oxygen and providing an excelling sealing on hot surfaces. Its formulation allows a great oil repellence, fluidity and burnback resistance.

Aquafilm™ is a perfect tool to fight fires on storage tanks, bund, process areas, loading racks, power stations, airports or marine terminals amongst others. Aquafilm™ is designed to be used with low expansion foam equipment (nozzles, monitors, foam chambers, etc.), non-aspirating devices (water spray nozzles and standard sprinklers) and medium expansion foam branches.

Aquafilm´s AF-1 ICAO B dilution rate is 1% to perform extraordinarily on fresh or sea water. It may be proportioned with standard equipment (in-line inductors, bladder tanks, balanced pressure systems, etc.) and special purpose ones for AFFF agents (e.g. Hydrofoam nozzles). Aquafilm is highly biodegradable and it is manufactured according to “C6 fluorocompounds” fulfilling the 2010/2015 EPA PFOA Stewardship Program.


AQUAFILM AF-1 ICAO B Foam Concentrate supplied by AUXQUIMIA

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