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Angus Fire HoseCalc

by Marcus

Angus Fire HoseCalc Online

Angus Fire HoseCalc is a software programme developed by Angus Fire to calculate outlet pressure and potential pressure loss for fire attack and relay hose.

Angus Fire HoseCalc allows the user to select from the Angus Fire range of hoses and diameters, various coupling combinations used in varied situations.

The programme is easy to follow and can be used to select the most appropriate hose for the situation or as part of the incident rescue preparation or planning.

Caution: this program is developed for Angus Fire range of hoses.

To use HoseCalc you just need to register once. With your login you can then use HoselCalc again and again. (Please note, by registering for HoseCalc you give your consent to us to contact you about our products and services.)

Click HoseCalc Software to access the Angus Fire HoseCalc software.

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