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ALTAIR 2XP H2S: Finalist BSIF Product Innovation Awards 2016!

by Marcus

The ALTAIR 2XP H2S portable gas detector, featuring the first stand-alone bump test in the world, is the only portable gas detector in the 2016 BSIF Product Innovation Awards short-list!

The British Safety Industry Federation Product Innovation Awards are dedicated to products that contribute to improvements in the health and safety industry through their innovation

A personal gas detector is an important part of a worker’s safety equipment… when it properly functions. Bump testing daily the detector is the only way to alert the user of a non-functioning sensor or of a blocked gas inlet.

All sensors from all detectors will eventually reach the end of their life, some suddenly, some over a longer period of time. Bump testing the gas detector is the only way to alert the user of a non‐functioning sensor or if a gas inlet has become blocked. Bump testing before each days use is the best safety practice and is recommended by all detectors’ manufacturers. The traditional bump test consists of checking the instrument’s ability to respond to a challenge gas within a given amount time. Realistically, however, many workers won’t perform a bump test because they have no time, their employer does not provide them with calibration equipment or no one informed them about this crucial safety process.

MSA has developed the ALTAIR 2XP H2S single-gas detector that features the first stand-alone bump test in the world, which eliminates the need for bottled gas!

With the patented XCell Pulse Technology, MSA created a simple and inexpensive approach to bump testing. No need for bottled calibration gas anymore! Workers can bump the ALTAIR 2XP H2S detector anytime, anywhere. When the detector passes the stand-alone bump test, a green LED flashes every 15s. If bump fails or is due, a red LED flashes every 15s. The manager can easily see who has bumped and who has notIn addition, ALTAIR 2XP is powered by MSA XCell sensors, offering the fastest T(90) response times that help to save lives – every 3 seconds in faster response time means the worker can escape an additional 10 meters from a hazardous environment.

ALTAIR 2XP H2S is IP67 certified and, surviving multiple 7,5m drops onto concrete, it is the most robust detector on the market!

For additional safety, it has a newly integrated man-down alarm that warns others that user has become immobile. For HSE managers’ documentation, it features a memory that stores 300+ events and 40 days of periodic data.

And last but not least, the ALTAIR 2XP H2S has a low cost-of-ownership, thanks to its 3-year warranty.

For further information please contact your local MSA affiliate or visit MSAsafety.com

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