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Allison Transmission presents UROVESA K6 IS

by Greg Preston
Allison Transmission presents UROVESA K6 IS

Allison Transmission presents UROVESA K6 IS forest firefighting vehicle at SICUR 2020

Off-road forest firefighting vehicle is fitted with the Allison 3000 Series™ transmission, making it ideal for negotiating rough terrain and accessing emergency areas rapidly and safely.

Allison Transmission presented the UROVESA K6 IS, equipped with the Allison 3000 Series™ transmission, at SICUR 2020 (February 25-28, IFEMA trade fair centre, Madrid).

The vehicle features a chassis with a maximum GVW of 16 metric tonnes, excellent traction and extremely robust parts. It is specifically designed for off-road work on very rough terrain with full loads. It is in great demand for forest firefighting applications due to its innovative 4-wheel independent suspension system combined with three locking differentials, one in each axle and one in the transfer case. Thanks to this configuration, and even if only one wheel has ground contact, the vehicle can negotiate very rough terrain at twice the speed of conventional 4×4 trucks. All this enables firefighting teams to reach fires in the remotest of locations rapidly and safely.

“The K6 IS is a unique vehicle in the global high-mobility off-road market, and is specifically designed for emergency services and firefighting,” said Justo Sierra, President and CEO at UROVESA. “It affords greater guarantees of safety and efficiency than other vehicles, thanks to an independent suspension system and the Allison 3000 Series™ automatic transmission. As an option the vehicle can also include the integrated output retarder, which enhances braking whilst reducing brake pad wear.”

Because every second counts – Allison 3000 Series provides guaranteed reliability

“Allison 3000 Series automatic transmissions provide a number of advantages for URO vehicles,” said Sierra. “These transmissions facilitate driving, prevent gear shift errors, enable both hands to be on the wheel at all times and enhance driver ergonomics and safety. The optional retarder avoids the need for excessive braking, particularly on long grades, resulting in greater driver comfort and improved safety. The reliability of Allison Automatics means lower maintenance costs and consequently greater productivity throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.”

A key element that sets Allison transmissions apart from other models is the torque converter, which eliminates the need for a clutch. “The Allison torque converter optimises the operation of vehicles required to work off-road and fight forest fires, such as the K6 IS. It offers excellent efficiency and engine torque use. Moreover, it protects the engine and the entire drivetrain of the vehicle because it mitigates the torque peaks transmitted to mechanical elements with manual transmissions. The result is longer vehicle service life,” said Sierra.

Trond Johansen, European Key Fleets and Market Development Manager at Allison Transmission, highlighted the excellent reputation Allison has built up over its 105-year history: “Our transmissions are renowned for reliability and durability. We have been developing outstanding products for 100 years, a fact that has now positioned us as the leading provider of automatic transmissions to the emergency services in Spain. Allison offers added confidence to Spanish firefighters, who know that they will arrive quickly and safely to their destination.”

Allison provides this security in multiple applications. “The great benefits of fitting trucks with Allison was recently proven once again in two mythical and extremely tough races: the Dakar Rally 2020 in Saudi Arabia and the Africa Eco Race, where a number of Allison-equipped vehicles occupied the leading positions,” said Johansen.

Allison and UROVESA, a relationship based on confidence

Since 1981, UROVESA has supplied special off-road vehicles designed for the most demanding civil and military missions all over the world. The company’s relationship with Allison dates back to 1989, when it became the first manufacturer in Spain to use automatic transmissions.

“We have been working with Allison for 30 years. Since then, we have manufactured over 7,000 vehicles with automatic transmissions,” said Sierra. “It has been a very positive relationship in terms of both customer satisfaction and reliability, with an extremely low number of incidents. Allison is a global benchmark and a leading brand worldwide. Equipping vehicles with Allison transmissions is a safe bet and generates confidence amongst our clients, which is extremely important. Working with Allison has proven to be a great success, both technically and commercially.”

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