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by Marcus

AIRACOM provides hazardous area communications solutions for Enterprises requiring Intrinsically safe smartphones, data devices and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) to track people, assets and positions.
Since our founding in 2007, we’ve become recognised in leading the way in hazardous area smart mobility and location-based services.  Airacom has evolved to become a leading hardware and application services company employing more than 150 people, operating across five continents with office locations in UK, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and Nigeria.
Communication is the backbone of any business, and none more so than the needs of our clients to capture mission critical information in the field, on a rig or within a remote and hazardous location.  We connect the field to the office, with rugged intrinsically safe smartphone mobility and enterprise RTLS applications.
Airacom provides a unique enterprise perspective on solving client mobility needs, with an emphasis on field force engineers. Comprised of wireless telecoms professionals with a global client base, Airacom’s consulting team delivers solutions to meet challenging and ever changing needs around Location-Based-Services, information integrity and mobile communications security.
Airacom assists companies in the adoption of smart mobile technology specifically designed for use within Ex Hazardous areas to gain a business advantage because of its fundamental capabilities to improve productivity, data capture, site safety and to facilitate the flow of company information from field to office.

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