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Air Quality Monitoring from IDE AirSave

by Greg Preston
Air Quality Monitoring

Real-time Air Quality Monitoring of breathing gas and filter with IDE AirSave System. IDE Compressors invested several years to develop a digital online monitoring system for filter and air quality: IDE AirSave. It is the world’s only compressor-integrated system that permanently measures CO, CO2, and O2 contents in breathing-air, its humidity, temperature and dew point, and monitors vital compressor functions like temperature in the last stage, residual oil content and several others.

Fire brigades, scuba divers and industry are still testing air quality with test tubes, a method that was developed about 100 years ago in 1919, and no longer really fits in the digital world of the 21st century. Its indicating colours leave considerable scope of interpretation and, above all, usually have a standard deviation of 10-15 percent or more. To aggravate the situation, each air quality monitoring test provides only a snapshot: a minute later some circumstances might have changed the air-quality and no one would become aware of it. It is certainly useful to monitor cartridge saturation and humidity by means of a sensor inside the cartridge, but, in IDE’s understanding of quality, today this is no longer sufficient as the only safety precaution.

IDE AirSave

The core of IDE AirSave is a computer-aided, microprocessor controlled, electronic monitoring device for filter systems, which permanently monitors the condition of the filter (saturation), concentrations of harmful substances in compressed and filtered gases, operating temperature, temperature in the filter wall, and the service and maintenance intervals. It also controls compressor systems for gases, particularly for breathing-air and Nitrox/Trimix (enriched gases).

We did not want to make any compromise regarding the sensors in our devices. So, instead of experimenting around ourselves, we entered into cooperation with, a world-leading manufacturer of sensors with decades of experience, to develop the sensors, which are now used in our devices. From this cooperation emerged IDE AirSave, a real-time monitoring device for CO, CO2, O2, humidity, temperature and residual oil, which can be integrated into any compressor, and which certainly represents today’s most innovative technology and a real gain in safety for everyone who uses compressed breathing-air.

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