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Air-Lift Rescue Vest

by Marcus

The latest in victim extraction and rescue. The Air-Lift Rescue Vest brings together fast donning and rapid extraction for short haul and hoist operations.

Adjustable for a one size fits all application to accommodate patients from 50 to 400 lbs.

The easy side adjustment system provides for patient positioning allowing for a more vertical posturing of patient if desired.

This system allows for multiple in-flight configurations. Designed to fit over bulky clothing, PFD’s and military tactical vests. Low profile, rear and side grab handles work seamlessly in hoist operations.

Fully reinforced webbing substructure makes this unit bombproof! Comes with steel auto locking attachment carabiner and storage/deployment bag. Colors: blue or MultiCam. Strength 4000 lbf. Weight 6 lbs.

– One size, fully adjustable
– Swiftwater version uses mesh fabric on seat portion to allow for quick drainage.
– Military version made of MultiCam fabric and terra webbing.

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