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by Marcus
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Agility Technologies welcomes visitors of INTERSCHUTZ to Hall 26 on Stand Number D01 where they will be exhibiting the FL360 USAR1 Search and Rescue Camera System, the First Wireless Spherical 360° Search and Rescue Camera.

The FL360 USAR1 Search and Rescue Camera System has been adopted by rescue teams around the world as the gold standard and a revolutionary shift in visual search.

With a variety of affordable kits and configurations available, FirstLook have a search camera system to fit any Urban Search and Rescue, Technical Rescue, Medical, or Civil Defense teams size and budget.

Agility Technologies at Interschutz

FirstLook360 technology:

The FL360 camera is the first live wireless 360° spherical imaging search camera in the market today, utilizing the latest software and 360° spherical imaging technologies. Powered by the FL360 Android application, a search specialist/operator simply places the camera into a void space and uses the FL360 app on a tablet to search the entire space in seconds.

The FL360 app includes spatial orientation markers on-screen to let the search specialist/operator know where exactly they’re looking in that space. With the addition of GPS, the operator now knows their exact location and if any pictures and/or recorded video are taken, GPS/date/time/camera serial number data is automatically embedded in the recorded media file.

FL360 USAR1 Search and Rescue Camera Kit 2022

For more information visit https://www.firstlook.net/

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