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by Marcus

Aegis Fire Safety Systems was incorporated 2006 Formerly Known as Wary fire Engineers. Created to fulfill our client’s long-term objectives of maintaining absolute fire safety in their offices, residences and industrial settings. Our innovative pricing scheme is unique in the industry and has allowed us to deal with the most reputable property management groups by helping them save precious budgetary funds.
Our operations managers will work with you to provide a customized maintenance program suited to your unique needs. We’ll work together to determine your requirements, and make sure they’re met. In fact, our technicians are carefully selected to ensure that we keep our promise. You also have the confidence of knowing that our team members wear photo nametags and uniforms. That way you can see us coming, and you’ll know it means you’re getting the very best.
Our office staff ensures the paper work is processed and typed efficiently. The client is proved with a detailed, fully typed Inspection report.
We undertake Annual maintenance contract for all the fire safety equipments/ systems installed in your premises – portable fire extinguishers, Automatic Fire Alarm Systems, Water based Fire fighting systems, in this ever changing world, the decision you make about FIRE SAFETY and FIRE SAFETY ARRANGEMENTS are more critical than ever.
Some times you cannot decide whether fire safety is your responsibility or, one of many responsibilities. With years of experience, our qualified technicians can carry out all your fire protection equipment maintenance needs and they evolved successful procedures for maintenance.
We follow these inspection procedures for monthly / quarterly/ Half yearly and annual wet pressure testing of fire hydrants are carried out by competent persons. We stress the importance of regular maintenance of fire fighting systems.

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