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Advanced Firefighting Technology (AFT)

by Marcus

Advanced Firefighting Technology (AFT) has succeeded in combining the two most natural recources for its distinguishing products: Water and Air. This revolutionary watermist technology outperforms conventional firefighting devices in its efficiency and environmental safety. Today, AFT has grown into a leading company in the development and application of innovative low pressure water mist & CAFS fire fighting technology. AFT systems have been demonstrated worldwide and met with great interest and international endorsement.
AFT Headquarter Bohmte
AFT has its manufacturing and R&D facility in Germany and regional offices in Japan, Singapore, India and the UAE. Our network of professional distributors and staff supports the growing needs of professional firefighting products, training, assessment and services.
Research & development
AFT succeeded in further developing a special nozzle and a mixing chamber that create a narrow distribution of ultra fine water mist.
The droplets create an enlarged surface area (almost 50 times larger) as compared to a conventional water tender. This results in rapid cooling due to extensive heat absorption and the resultant steam generated expands 1640 times in volume thus inserting the atmosphere around the fire. Every technology is tested for conformity to various international standards and performance parameters. AFT’s products are protected by a various number of patents.

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