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ADALIT L-90 supplied by ADALIT

The Right angle torch

Light, small and easy to operate. It incorporates our famous LED Engine optics, including 2 LEDs (spot, flood and step light options). It easily adapts to the firefighter’s tunic. It is certified ATEX zone 0 for use in explosive atmospheres.

2 models available:

  • L-90 with 3 AA alkalines (included)
  • L-90R with rechargeable battery Li-Ion / 3,7 V (included)
  • LEDEngine optics with 2 LEDs
  • Spot, flood and stroboscopic options
  • Step Lighting System: a light beam projected directly into the ground to illuminate the path
  • BOOSTER function for high penetration
  • High and low intensity modes
  • Backlit button: indication of the light duration and battery level
  • Ring and spring clip in the back
  • Neodymium magnet optional
  • Photoluminescent bezel optional
  • Chargers for 1, 2, 3 or 5 torches

LED Engine Optics

  • Step Lighting System: light beam projected directly to the ground
  • Flood beam: increased field of view
  • Spot beam: high penetration

Backlit button

  • Blinking reports battery level
  • Indicates burning time
  • When Red < 25 % battery level

Photoluminescent bezel

  • Glows in the dark
  • Increased visibility
  • Allows easy finding when torch is off


II 1G Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga

Ingress protection
IP 67

73 x 71 x 158 mm

Alkaline model: 340 g (AA batteries included), Rechargeable model: 290 g (battery included)

Burning time
L-90: Normal mode: 10 hours / Saving mode: 20 hours, L-90R: Normal mode: 4 hours / Saving mode: 18 hours

Lighting source
L-90: High: 250 lm / Saving mode: 80 lm, L-90R: High: 280 lm / Saving mode: 80 lm

Torch body
Thermoplastic resin with high resistance to the impacts, extreme temperatures and corrosive substances

Oversized push button switch, placed on the top to guarantee easy finding and pushing with gloves

3 AA alkaline batteries included, Rechargeable Li-ion | 3,7 V.

Low Battery Warning
Blinking signal of the main LED 15 min. before running out of battery (rechargeable model)

1, 2, 3 or 5 positions

Adaro Tecnología S.A.

ADALIT L-90 supplied by ADALIT

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