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ADALIT introducing new smart lighting solutions

by Marcus
ADALIT introducing new smart lighting solutions

ADALIT introducing new smart lighting solutions

ADALIT is a well-known and established international brand, designed, and manufactured by Adaro Tecnología S.A. in its factory located in the north of Spain. With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, ADALIT produces and delivers fit for purpose intrinsically safe smart lighting solutions targeted at an extremely hard and demanding work environment.

To remain at the forefront of technology, Adaro is equipped with an inhouse engineering and design department that forges ahead to enable continuous design and technological evolution. In its 2021 range, Adaro announces the new handheld ADALIT L-5000 now certified for the harshest hazardous environments, and the revolutionary ADALIT L-30, the next generation helmet torch.

L-5000 Z0 & Z1

The main feature in the handheld L-5000 product range is the arrival of the long-awaited Z0, ATEX and IECEx certified, which enables the torch to be used in extremely hazardous environments which includes zone 0 for gas and zone 20 for dust. The existing Z1 has been upgraded and is now certified also for zone 21 dust.

Fitted with a swivelling head that allows the user to direct the light in any preferred direction, the L-5000 Z0 & Z1 incorporates a digital display indicating the actual run time in hours and minutes to ensure increased firefighter safety. To meet the most technical needs, two different LedEngine optics have been engineered, one SPOT designed to reach the maximum distance in the long range (70.000cd/500lm), and the other FLOOD, therefore specific for illuminate a larger surface in a medium range (20.000cd/500lm). Both lighting sources include two flashing amber LEDs as signalling light in case of emergency.

Three different light intensity configurations can be selected ranging from 6, 12 or 24 hours with the main light source or 12, 24 and up to 48 hours with the auxiliary light source. In any specific task the operator can decide the best trade-off between light intensity and run time.

The body has been conceived with a flat base to allow excellent stability for firefighters whilst crawling in thick smoke. All L-5000 versions are equipped with 2 rear red LEDs to facilitate user localization and increase safety.

Produced to be utilized as hand lamp, the L-5000 can also be used for area lighting fitted on a tripod or for ease of use can fixed onto any metal surfaces through the three rear magnets that ensures excellent grip.

ADALIT introducing new smart lighting solutions
ADALIT L-5000 Z0. High Visible Digital Display to indicate run time in real hours and minutes on duty, and level of charge when charging.


The ADALIT L-30 is the most advanced helmet torch designed specifically for the firefighter that is fitted with an integrated helmet adapter to optimize the side fitting of the helmet. It incorporates the revolutionary Step Lighting System that lights up the path for your feet as you walk, which combined with the innovative Power LedEngine Optic generates an outstanding lighting source of 350 lumens.

To guarantee the maximum battery life during bushfires or prolonged rescue operations, the run time can be extended from 3 hours up to 12 without compromising optimal visibility or the firefighter’s safety. The torch body is manufactured with thermoplastic resin and offers resistance against high impact, extreme temperatures, and corrosive substances to withstand the most extreme working environments and conditions.

For increased visibility, tracking and safety, the torch is fitted with 2 rear flashing red LEDs that facilitate the firefighters’ position in thick smoke or in dusty environments. Weighing in at only 165 grams, with Ingress Protection IP68, the ergonomic compact profile of the ADALIT L-30 makes it an essential tool for the firefighter. The torch is compatible with the most common firefighters’ helmets on the market and fits into the existing ADALIT L-10 chargers.

The torch is Certified in accordance with ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 Gas and 20 for Dust and it meets the highest international safety standards.

ADALIT introducing new smart lighting solutions
ADALIT L-30. It incorporates a dual light system (main beam and step lighting) and two red LED beacons, making it the safest helmet torch on the market.

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