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ADALIT introduces new right-angle torch

by Marcus
ADALIT introduces its new right-angle torch

ADALIT introduces new right-angle torch

ADALIT is a well-known and established international brand, designed, and manufactured by Adaro Tecnología S.A. in its factory located in the north of Spain. With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, ADALIT produces and delivers fit for purpose intrinsically safe smart lighting solutions targeted at an extremely demanding work environment.

To remain at the forefront of technology, Adaro is equipped with an inhouse engineering and design department that forges ahead to enable continuous design and technological evolution. In its 2022 range, Adaro announces and introduces its all-new lightweight, compact, and powerful right-angle torch, the ADALIT L-90.


The new L-90 torch is a pure right-angle torch, specifically designed to operate in the most demanding conditions. It is supplied in four unique versions, the L-90 & L-90Power running 3AA alkaline batteries and the L-90R & L-90RPower operating with the latest technology Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The L-90 & L-90R utilizes two LED LEDEngine optics designed to work as both a spot & flood light that can be operated simultaneously or individually. The LEDEngine boasts 280 lumens with a 235-meter beam distance. The L-90P & L-90RPower run 3 LED LEDEngine optics developed to combine a sharp focused spot and fringe light with 340 lumens and 265 meters beam distance. Both optics are fitted with an integrated Step Lighting System, illuminating the ground thereby increasing the safety of the Fire Fighter whilst walking.

The innovative backlit on/off button makes the torch easy to operate, as it illuminates or blinks to indicate the battery capacity level and runtime. The user knows the auonomy of the torch at any time and avoids the risk of running out of battery at the most crucial time. Two different light intensity configurations can be selected, from 10 hours – in high intensity mode – to 20 hours – in battery saving mode in the alkaline version.

The rechargeable model’s light intensity configuration is from 4 to 18 hours. During any specific task the operator can decide the best trade-off between light intensity and run time without compromising his or her safety. Conceived for the safest performance in the Fire & Safety industries, the torch includes a heavy-duty rear clip for easy attachment to the gear and the fast charger. ATEX certified for use in zone 0 environments for the potential exposure to explosive gases, the torch can be supplied with a photoluminescent bezel and magnet.

ADALIT introduces its new right-angle torch


The LEDEngine is a fully dedicated light optic system engineered to reach the most optimal performance for any task. The system combines the spot and flood light beam integrated into a single torch, with the possibility to select either feature separately, or to turn both on simultaneously for added versatility in any condition. The LEDEngine can be designed with a collimators lens used in the L-90 for a homogeneous light output or with a reflector lens built into the L-90Power to generate a tight beam with optimum peripheral illumination.

ADALIT introduces its new right-angle torch

Step Lighting System

The Step Lighting System function is a lighting feature integrated in the LEDEngine optics that allows the user to expand his or her field of view and increasing the user safety with each step. A beam of light is projected directly towards the ground making it possible to see & avoid hidden objects that could pose a risk to injury.

ADALIT introduces its new right-angle torch

For more information visit https://adalit.com/en/

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