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by Marcus
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Passionate about protecting individuals facing hazardous situations, A W Hainsworth is a global leader in textile development, manufacture and application and has supplied fabric to protect fire fighters from the effect of heat and flame for over 100 years.

Combining fibre, weaving and finishing technologies to offer the ultimate in high performance fabrics, A W Hainsworth is intent on delivering the very best in textile quality and innovation.

A W Hainsworth offer a range of solutions manufactured using TI-technologyTM – a patented double cloth construction that combines the excellent flame retardant properties of Nomex® on the face and the high strength of Kevlar® on the back, resulting in a dynamic fabric that reacts to increase the thermal protection offered, only when it is most needed.

The Nomex® face offers excellent thermal protection along with high resistance to abrasion and UV degradation. The stength and thermal stability of Kevlar® is protected on the back away from the effects of UV degradaion.

By incorporating TI-technologyTM, Hainsworth® TITAN, Hainsworth® ATLAS and Hainsworth® METIS are designed to be breathable, comfortable and minimise the effects of heat stress whilst being robust enough to withstand the rigours of the job. They come complete with our Hainsworth® REPEL+ finish, the latest in finishing technology offering durable protection against hazardous chemicals without the need to re-impregnate after every wash and incorporating a stain release element to ease cleaning.

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