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My name is Jay Hisel, owner and operator of 911Tools. As the Training Officer and Captain of the Rescue Squad for the Lansing Fire Department I became discouraged by the limited and expensive options available in vehicle stabilization and rescue equipment. With the input of rescue professionals and my own experiences I began a 4 year journey into designing and testing a stabilization and lifting system that was unlike anything else on the market. I wanted a strut that was not bulky or time consuming to set up and that was easy to operate with gloved hands. I also wanted a lifting strut that could quickly raise and lower when needed and was constructed with materials rated for structural loads. Additionally, I wanted this to be offered at an affordable price.
The RescueStrut is constructed using state of the art design and manufacturing techniques. 911Tools unique Patent Pending design incorporates the strength, speed, control and dependability of hand powered hydraulics integrated into the structural components of the strut. The major structural components are produced with aircraft quality aluminum which allows for superior strength while maintaining its light weight.
The RescueStrut has a lifting capacity of 6000 lbs with a stroke of 16″ and has the potential to achieve full lift in less than 30 seconds. It also features one large diameter spring- loaded pin for length adjustment and quick- change end adaptors for multiple configuration possibilities. In addition to vehicle stabilization, the RescueStrut offers:
· Ability to break down to the power unit alone for use in both dash roll extrication, steering wheel pull or forcible entry
· Accessories available to aid in trench or structural rescue
· Accessory available to adapt 3 struts into a tripod for confined space rescue

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