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3S Full-Face Helmet Mask

by Marcus
3S Full-Face Helmet Mask

Supplied by MSA

The 3S Full-Face Helmet Mask and helmet combinations offer the advantage that your full face mask can be put on and taken off without removing your helmet.

Not only do the adjustable rubber straps allow for a more comfortable fit for every head size and shape; better positioning also provides more safety.

The full face masks 3S-H doesn’t require a standard head harness. When attaching the mask to the helmet, the helmet takes the place of the traditional harness and keeps the mask in position.

Features of the 3S Full-Face Helmet Mask

Simple, quick and secure attachment of the mask to the helmet
Adjustable rubber straps for precise facepiece-to-face fit
Small mask-helmet contour
Mask adapters are protected when visor is down
Comfortable, easily adaptable supplementary harness
Comprehensive range of accessories

Applications: Firefighting, Civil Disturbances, Search & Rescue, Confined Space, Public Events, Tactical/SWAT Teams, Homeland Security

MSA Safety

3S Full-Face Helmet Mask supplied by MSA

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