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28 HLF 20 Orders for the Safety Region Groningen

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28 HLF 20 for the Safety Region Groningen

Ziegler Brandweertechniek B.V. receives order for 28 HLF 20 to the Safety Region Groningen

On Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, Ziegler Brandweertechniek B.V. signed a contract for the delivery of 28 HLF 20 for the Safety Region Groningen. These will be delivered in the period from 2026 to 2030. The contract was signed by Jaap Kuin (Administrative Officer for Fire Brigades of the Safety Region Groningen), Erik Tillema (Project Manager of the Groningen Fire Brigade), Marin Schouten (Director Ziegler Brandweertechniek B.V.) and Mélarno Kraan (Account Manager Ziegler Brandweertechniek B.V.).

Jaap Kuin commented:

“We are proud of this commitment to our safety. The board knows how important it is for firefighters to be able to carry out their work safely. Good equipment is of great importance in this respect. It is particularly pleasing that the new fire engines are manufactured in Groningen and therefore contribute to the regional economy.”

28 HLF 20 for the Safety Region Groningen

There are currently 52 firefighting vehicles in use of the Safety Region Groningen, 28 of which are now being replaced. Mélarno Kraan, Account Manager Ziegler Brandweertechniek B.V.:

“ZIEGLER is very pleased with the order to supply 28 new HLF 20s for our home region. The new Groningen ZIEGLER firefighting vehicle has been developed according to the latest state of the art technology and provides the basis for competent and decisive action in the future. The vehicles are designed and manufactured entirely at our plant in Winschoten.”

For more information, visit www.ziegler.de.

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