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2-SAFE is a device designed to assist people in maintaining social distance imposed by the safety protocols issued to prevent the spread of Covid19 and at the same time provide assistance to relevant authorities to carry out appropriate contact tracing. 2-SAFE has been developed with the main objective of allowing employers to protect their employees while establishing a structured procedure of cooperation with the authorities.

Such instruments are capable of assisting employees to maintain social distancing with the use of a soft visual and audible alarm whilst in case a positive case of Covid19 is found within the company it is capable to provide a close contacts list of those that have been in contact with anyone developing symptoms. Thus, it helps to cooperate actively with the local authorities and demonstrate its capability to track and trace a specific person within the company.

In such regards, 2-SAFE is capable of immediately identifying a list of devices that had been in contact with one another providing the time spent in contact and a reference of the period when this contact took place. This precise track and trace assistance allows for informative decisions to be made which can avoid otherwise unnecessary companywide generalised quarantine measures.


2-SAFE is an ANONYMOUS device which does not have the capability for GEOLOCATION and does not require the installation of any other devices in the building.

The 2-SAFE portal can be used by an administrator who takes care of personnel management in the company.

The system is composed of:

  1. a program (for windows only) needed to download the data log from the device.
  2. a portal dedicated to the management of devices and any contact logs.

The administrator, through password protected access, allocates a device to each employee; it is also possible to create “Standard” users to delegate the association activity to another person.

By uploading the contact log, that until then remained anonymous and encrypted, it is possible to list the names of the people who have come into contact with the device and then adopt all the necessary procedures to ensure that the company collaborates with the health authorities in order to allow the correct track and trace process.

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