Fire Monitors

Fire Monitors

A fire monitor is an aimable controllable high-capacity water jet used for manual firefighting. Fire monitors are often designed to accommodate foam which has been injected in the upstream piping. Fire monitors are often fitted to fire boats and on top of large firetrucks for use as manual fire fighting equipment. Apparatus-mounted fire monitors can be directed by a single firefighter and can pump up to, and sometimes over, 2000 gallons per minute (126 litres per second).



Partner Portable Monitors

Leader Group

PORTABLE PARTNER FIRE MONITOR: 2000 l/min (with safety valve)PORTABLE MONITORS/CONFORMING TO 15767PARTNER - Qmax 2000 l/min. Partner comes with an ant...

Stinger Portable Monitor

Elkhart Brass

8297-40 Stinger Portable Monitor The Stinger Portable Fire Monitor features a Stinger ® Fire Monitors Durable, Lightweight ELK-O-LITE ® Construction...

Rapid Attack Monitor (R.A.M.)

Elkhart Brass

Rapid Attack Fire Monitor (R.A.M.) The R.A.M. from Elkhart Brass is specially designed for quick deployment and easy operation fire fighting equipment...