Fire Vehicles

Fire vehicles, fire engines or fire trucks are vehicles designed to assist in fighting fires by transporting firefighters and fire rescue equipment to the scene of fire or emergency. Fire fighting vehicles are multi-purpose vehicles and can generally be separtated into four main categories depending on location and the primary fire fighting and or rescue tasks.

Airport firefighting vehicles also called airport crash tenders are specialised fire engines designed for use at aerodromes and airports in aircraft accidents. Airport fire vehicles and airport rescue vehicles are extremely powerful with good acceleration even when carrying large capacities of water and firefighting foam. Airport Fire Trucks offer off road capabilities and are able to negotiate rough terrain in and around the airport facilities.  Modern Airport Fire Vehicles have the ability to reach an airplane fast, and rapidly put out large fires where jet fuel is involved by incorporating a stream of dry chemicals into the AFFF foam stream for faster "knock down" capabilities.

Aerial Ladder Platforms are used by fire and rescue services and departments for firefighting and rescue at height.  The aerial ladder platforms can reach up heights of to 32 metres and are part of a major fire depatrments fleet of fire and rescue vehicles.

Industrial Fire Vehicles also called industrial fire trucks are designed to protect high risk and hazardous sites including the petrochem and chemical industry. The diversity and the concentration of the risks within the industrial sector means that industrial firefighting vehicles provide a comprehensive range of appliances with superior discharge rates and ranges to combat all types of industrial fires and emergencies.

Rescue Vehicles also known as rescue trucks are designed for the rescue of victims of road traffic accidents but can also used to rescue personnel from planes, trains and other emergencies. Emergency rescue vehicles are generally lighter than other fire rescue vehicles and are equipped with rescue tools and equipment to extricate victims and protect the accident zone.