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The Dräger PSS Merlin Telemetry System offers a precise overview of the status of respiratory equipment wearers. The vital status information is communicated directly between the entry control point and the wearer. Technology, which supports the incident, significantly increases safety and protects the lives of your breathing apparatus wearers.


The Dräger PSS Merlin System offers the choice of using two versatile versions. Firstly, you can use the PSS Merlin Entry Control Board, the Dräger Bodyguard 7000 or Bodyguard II electronic monitoring unit and the ATEX-approved PSS Merlin Modem. Secondly, the system can be used with the Dräger PSS Merlin Software as opposed to the Entry Control Board.

There is a two way communication between the wearer and the incident commander. Transmitted from the breathing apparatus wearer is the following data:

– Manual distress signal
– Automatic distress signal
– Cylinder pressure
– Time to whistle
– Elapsed time
– Withdrawal and evacuation signal
– Acknowledgment of global or individual evacuation signal

Via the Software or Entry Control Board, the incident commander is able to:

– send individual or team evacuation
– acknowledge breathing apparatus wearer™s distress signals, automatic distress signals and withdrawal signals


For enhanced usability: When opening the cylinder valve, the system switches on both the Bodyguard 7000 and the PSS Merlin Modem. The PSS Merlin Entry Control Board is activated by the insertion of a tally key. The identity of the PSS Merlin Modem is read and a unique connection is established between radio and board. The system continuously monitors the status of the connection. When used with the Dräger PSS Merlin Software and the PSS Merlin PC Modem, it is even possible to log on the breathing apparatus automatically – without the need for insertion of a tally key. It is however still possible to establish the connection by a tally, if required. Personali¬zation of the breathing apparatus can also be undertaken, enabling for easy documen¬tation and transparency for tracking its usage.


When using the PSS Merlin Software, the PSS Merlin Entry Control Board is not required. The PSS Merlin PC Modem communicates directly with the wearers™ PSS Merlin Modems. Even non-telemetry users can be displayed by entering a time to whistle countdown in the Software. Thanks to a weatherproof USB port, the robust and IP 65 rated PSS Merlin PC Modem does not require an additional power supply. In order to avoid loss of data, the system offers a three-way back-up: The PC Modem, the Software and an optional, external memory always save the latest status of the persons being logged on – no data will be lost.


The Dräger Bodyguard 7000 combines life critical status updates: Displaying cylinder pressure, time to whistle, acoustic and optical warning signals, automatic distress signals, manual distress signals. When used with the PSS Merlin Telemetry System, Bodyguard 7000 displays radio signal status. All data is stored on the device and can be documented or easily retrieved to optimize training.

The PSS Merlin Modem is designed to fit perfectly onto the backplate of Dräger PSS 5000 and PSS 7000 series breathing appa-ratus. It is located centrally between the backplate and the cylinder resulting in a seamless integration with the ergonomic carrying system. The compact design decreases snagging risks; the clear waist belt allows more freedom of movement. As the PSS Merlin Modem is directly connected to the central electronics of the Bodyguard 7000, there is only need for a single rechargeable battery to supply power to both the Bodyguard 7000 and PSS Merlin Modem. This simplifies the battery logistics and charging process.


In order to save valuable time with battery logistics, in-cab chargers are available for both the PSS Merlin Modem and the PSS Merlin Entry Control Board. The batteries are re-charged easily and effectively, whilst inside the fire truck. For users who wish to maintain battery packs off the breathing apparatus, Dräger has developed a bench system which allows up to 4 battery packs to be charged simultaneously. Uniquely, this charger can also perform a health check on each pack. Simply insert the battery into the charger -the rest is automatically carried out by the charging station.


– Vital information at one glance outside of danger zone
– Sending distress signals
– Acknowledgement of distress signals
– Integrated incident reporting
– Simple accountability with Dräger PSS Merlin Software.

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